Apple's smart watch

Wednesday 11th, Mar 2015

March 9th could have been one of the most definite moments for Apple due the release of it's first wearable tech in the form a watch. Before going into specs we'd like to take a moment to talk about the price, smart watches have, up till now, been relatively low budget however with the keynote Apple has said the watch will range in price from £299 to a hefty £13,500. This explains why the retail stores had recently been fitted with safe boxes to store the pricey innovations.

Apple smart watches will be available in two different sizes; the largest model (42mm) will cost approx £30 more than the smaller watch at 38mm 42mm models of the Watch will cost about £30 more than the 38mm (1.5in) versions in the lower-priced ranges. Apple watches will go on sale on the 24th April. The question of sales amount remains; five million of the wrist-pieces have reportedly already been produced by the tech giant. This gives some concern as the cumulative sales figures for all other Android Wear devices equates to just over 720,000 units shipped in 2014 to date. Competitor sales history is a weak data point to base predictions for Apples on, however the is another factor that casts doubt onto the company's ability to shift five million initial units. The base model already costs £299, the price of an average spec Android phone, or older iPhone model such as the iPhone 5 or 5s. In addition to the high minimum price point the watch is rendered basically useless when not paired with an iPhone as it is not able to perform basic functions such as GPS tracking, sending text messages or receiving phone calls. These issues make us doubt the initial production run of the new tech.

"Our most personal device yet" - Apple's claim, read on to understand why they are so certain.
Apple proudly tout a battery life of 18 hours, this is far from the year or two we are used to from analogue watches from the likes of Rolex and Casio. The battery life is perfect for a smart watch as this is likely the longest it's users will be awake during the day anyway, allowing the owner to get into a recharging rhythm each night -we must there for remember to recharge yet another device every night.