Apple MackBook 2015 round up

Tuesday 24th, Mar 2015

Let's start with the Macbook Pro family, all sizes of the MacBook Pro line have received spec upgrades however they still look very similar to the previous generation laptops. The 13inch flavour of the personal computer has received an additional upgrade over the 15inch, namely the force track pad. The base model Macboook Pro 13inch comes standard with a 5th Generation 2.7inch dual-core Intel Core i5 processor. The newest of processor generations from Intel boast a newer, and higher capacity onboard graphics processor now going by the name Iris. The CPU and GPU share 8GB of  onboard RAM clocked a very respectable 1866MHz. The speed improvements to not end with the memory and processors, apple has also included a minimum of 128GB flash storage connected via PCIe. Perhaps the most astonishing and welcome upgrades with this cycle's MacBook Pro refresh is the battery life. The current life is 10 hours, increasing by 3 hours over the previous best. This feat is most astonishing considering how slim the notebook is and when you consider the fact that the overall speed has increased dramatically.

Forcetrack pad

To the average passer by the track pad looks similar to its predecessor as it feels and functions in a similar way, it still has a glass top and continues to support the multitouch gestures Apple are famous for pioneering. However internally it has been given a complete upgrade. There is no clicking mechanism inbuilt to register user presses, instead it uses a taptic engine to replicate a physical click feedback to the user. The click itself is measured by 4 individual force sensors to measure the amount of pressure the user is applying. These sensors have allowed apple to bring the new "Force Clicking" gesture to OS X. However the main push behind the re-development of the trackpad still remains to deliver a uniform click no matter which area of the glass pad is pressed.