Next generation iPhone

Thursday 17th, Jul 2014

Well, it's that time of year again - the sun is coming out and so are the apple roomers. The most disturbing roomer circulating is that the new iPhone doubted the six will cost at least an extra £50 on top of the already high premium charged for the smart phone.

One thing that we can expect with reasonable certainty is that the new generation - weather it be the 'iPhone air' or the 'iPhone 6' -  will coincide with the release of apples new iOS 8 operating system release. One thing is for sure, there will be lines down the street with fanatical fans trying to get their hands on one before the stocks run out.

The following features sum up what we expect to see from the soon to be release generation of the ever popular handset;
 Ã‚· Medical sensors - just list the finger print scanner on the current 5s we expect there to be some type of body monitoring features to support apples push towards the health care market.
 Ã‚· Best in class camera & screen - we expect better pictures, videos and slow motion capture sensors front and back along with a large screen or higher pixel per inch count .
· Better battery life - apple should build on the corner stone of the iPhone's success and gram more milliamp hours into their increasingly slim phone.
· Powerful radios - as we've seen with previous models the WiFi, Bluetooth and other radios are increasing in strength and efficiency.