Apple iWatch, rumors and analysis

Wednesday 4th, Feb 2015

The release of the iWatch is rumoured to be just round the coroner being released in the second quarter of 2015. It is said that there are more than 1000 prototypes floating around the apple campus, but this is not surprise, as we saw with the iPhone 4 which was left in a bar before its official release, this is nothing new for the Cupertino based tech company.

The crown jewel

Apple, as many of you probably already know, has just posted the largest earning report in the history of registered companies. The apparent cash cow of Apple watch is very likely to boost this even further and compensate for the lost cash flow of the declining iPad tablet computer sales, which have slumped over the last few years. The premium, solid gold, smart watch has demanded high security vaults to be installed in Apple stores to protect it from thieves. The solid gold watch is protected to have a price tag of $7,000 for the base model, based solely on the gold content and quality -  this price does not take into account the hefty premium the company is notorious for apply to its products.

Possible game changer

The Apple iPad, iPhone and iMac have set a high bar for other companies to follow in-terms of fully rounded and thought through products, they have also managed to create immense hype and expectation around any new product releases. The real question is whether the new wrist piece will fall with their mobile devices or with products such as their set top TV box, which still after many years after initial release remains a niche and enthusiast product.